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Partial Dentures

We understand how losing all your teeth can have a big impact on your confidence and self-esteem. We can help.

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Direct Denture Care Partial Dentures

The loss of one or several teeth can cause problems when eating, smiling and even talking. Tooth loss also has other side effects which may not be as noticeable, but can still negatively impact your dental health by allowing the other teeth in your mouth to rotate and tilt from their natural position.

If you require partial dentures, you’ll first need a comprehensive oral health check from our dental team.  They’ll then work with our technicians to create your bespoke dentures. If missing teeth are making life a misery, act while there is still time. Talk to Direct Denture Care about a natural denture replacement to restore your smile and dental function.

“I’ve experienced many limitations in life due to the loss of my teeth but now everything has changed” Diane,
Same Day Teeth Patient

Partial dentures made by Direct Denture Care will help you:

Return to eating the foods you love

Smile and laugh with confidence

Speak more clearly

Maintain a healthy, balanced diet

Ensure your remaining teeth stay in place


See the results for yourself...

“I’ve experienced many limitations in life due to the loss of my teeth but now everything has changed” Diane, Changing Faces Patient
“I love my teeth, I cannot stop smiling and my confidence has now been restored in full.” Louise, Same Day Teeth Patient

Still Wondering if Partial Dentures
are Right for You?

Hear what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

Made me feel at ease from the start. The experience is always good and painless, yep even after a filling. Wish this had always been how I viewed dentists then maybe I wouldn't have been so scared for years.
A highly professional team who treated me with care and sensitivity. Lee and Eduard talked me through my options so I could make an informed choice. Treatment was pain free. I have my smile back.
Most welcoming and friendly dentist I have ever known. My fiance put off dental work for years being scared of going to the dentist and we cant say anything bad about Lee and his team. Everyone here is very friendly
Not all dental practices are created equal. This practice is amazing! Fantastic friendly team. How many dental practices let you have a nice lie down after surgery & putting on Christmas music for you? Yes it is now finally possible to say "I love going to the dentist"
Unfortunately, I broke my plate while staying with family in Waterlooville this weekend. Your practice was recommended by my Sister-in-Law's dentist. I was seen on Saturday morning and the plate was fixed straight away. I was so pleased as it was my two front teeth so I was unable to smile. Thank you so much for everything.

Do your Complete Dentures tilt, wobble or rub?

Direct Denture Care offer a range of additional services for Complete Denture wearers including:

Denture Relining

Minor modifications or denture relining, make all the difference to comfort and fit.

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Denture Stabilisation

Fix dentures in place and put an end to loose denture worries for good.

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Denture Copies

Love your dentures already? Let Direct Dental Care create a duplicate set for spare.

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Denture Repairs

Fix fractures, cracks and chips fast with our comprehensive denture repair service.

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To talk to Direct Dental care about replacing one or several of your missing teeth with a realistic partial denture, call us now to book an appointment at one of our Hampshire clinics in Havant and Winchester. Alternatively, get in touch using the contact form on this page.

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