Dental Implants Havant – Daily Care

Much like your own natural teeth, Dental Implants will last a lifetime if you care for them in the right way. Develop a daily routine to keep your implants clean, and you will avoid any gum inflammation or risk of infection.

Ensure that you clean around the head of your implants to prevent a build up of plaque which could lead to gum infections, bleeding and soreness. For areas that are difficult to clean with a normal toothbrush and toothpaste, try flossing and using small inter-dental toothbrushes.

Chlorhexidine can help tissue recover from any inflammation and reduce the occurrence of plaque. Cervitec Gel combines Chlorhexidine with fluoride, and is clinically proven to strengthen teeth and protect from tooth decay. Use the gel to brush around your individual Dental Implants and any of your own natural teeth.

If you do not care for your Dental Implants appropriately, any infection you might subsequently develop could lead to loss of one or several implants.

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